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helm incompatibility - low priority

Hi All,

this is just a quick note regarding helm and emacspeak. 

I noticed there was an emacspeak-helm.el file and thought I’d have a look at helm as I’ve seen quite a bit about it on various blogs etc. I attempted to try it out and found that it appears emacspeak and helm are not compatible. 

This is not a bug report as such, merely a heads up and a request to see if anyone else has managed to get emacspeak and helm to work together. 

I suspect helm, being a very visual based incremental completion solution, is probably never going to be that compatible with emacspeak and therefore consider it to be a low priority. My own interest was just to see what it is like. I have no great need to use it. I also wanted to flag that as loading helm under emacspeak pretty much makes emacs unusable, perhaps the emacspeak-helm.el file should be moved to obsolete. 

When you run helm under emacspeak, I get two main errors which result in emacs becoming pretty much unusable. 

The first error is about a timer,. This one is difficult to debug as it doesn’t seem to throw a backtrace. All I can get is an error iin the messages buffer about a timer. Once this occurs, it seems the minibuffer is left in a read-only state, which prevents you from being able to execute any M-x commands or many other commands which expect to read from the minibuffer. My guess is that the error in the timer is leaving things in an inconsistent state. At this stage, I’ve not worked out how to track down which timer is causing the problems or what the issue might be. Hence this is really just a heads up rather than a bug report as I’ve not managed to get sufficient information to make a meaningful bug report.

I do know the issue is with emacspeak because if I comment out my emacspeak loading commands, then everything runs OK and I can use helm.

I will try to find time after work over the next week to dig deeper. If anyone has some handy advice on how to debug timer errors, that wold be appreciated.




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