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Entering the *cider-error* Buffer

I have cider and clojure installed, and I'm able to edit files in the Clojure major-mode quite nicely...a simple C-x C-e will display the results of the computation inline, which is perfect.

But if I have an error, then my screen goes from having a single Clojure buffer to a split screen with a *cider-error* buffer on the bottom, and the cursor is now in that *cider-error* buffer (major mode Stacktrace).  The good news is that this Stacktrace buffer is quite accessible.  The bad news is that the operning of this buffer is completely silent, so I only can discover that it is open by typing additional commands.  But I don't know to even try because I'm assuming that my C-x C-e is just taking a while to run...

I believe that all that is necessary is some advice that says that the *cider-error* buffer has been displayed...I'm assuming that this might be easy for someone who already knows how to configure emacspeak.

Thanks so much!


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