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Emacspeak, tones and indentation


I've noticed something odd recently and not quite been able to put my
finger on what is causing it.

generation of tones for blank lines and lines containing spaces as well
as speaking of Indentation  appears to be broken on my emacspeak

I'm running emacs 25.1 and latest emacspeak from git.
I use the mac speech server.

The odd thing is that if I arrow through the buffer I get no indentation
or tones.

However, if I use end-of-buffer I hear any tone or indentation generated
correctly for the last line of the buffer.

I've checked the speech server logs and am certain that emacspeak is not
sending commands to the tts.

Any ideas on what may cause this before I dig deeper?

Anyone else seeing this?

Kind regards

Bart Bunting

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