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Mac voice pitch doesn't reset

I’ve noticed this since I began using Emacspeak, and I haven’t had a way of reproducing this easily. But now that I’ve discovered markdown-mode, it is very simple.
To know what I mean, do the following:
1. Create a buffer (using C-x C-b somebuffer RET) and enabel markdown-mode by typing M-x markdown-mode RET. If you don’t have markdown-mode, just get it from Melpa.
2. Copy and paste the text between the dashes below into the buffer.
# Heading 1

- List item

Normal text.

## Heading level 2

Normal text.


3. Press M-< to jump to the beginning of the buffer, and press the down arrow to keep reading downwards. As you hear, the lines reading “Normal item” are announced with the last spoken voice, instead of the neutral monotone. In other words, the first “Normal text” is read with the list item voice, and the second one is read with the heading voice, instead of reseting to the usual pitch.
Since this can be very confusing, is there a way to fix this?

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