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Proliferation of these SoX processes on exit

Greetings.  Very recently I upgraded to Ubuntu Xenial, Emacs-25 and

All working quite nicely (Thanks Raman!)

Starting to fine tune things and I make note of something like the
following each time I shut down emacs.  I do not have SoX even installed
at present Will install it if necessary but have learned over the years
to be conservative when messing with a working system.

SoX             run     --              /dev/pts/0   
SoX<10>         run     --              /dev/pts/10  
SoX<11>         run     --              /dev/pts/11  
... the preeceding is often duplicated dozens of times...
Speaker         run     --              --           /usr/local/git/emacspeak/servers/espeak

Auditory icons via aplay and the 3d theme enabled and no issues.

Please advise.


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