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emacspeak and flyspell-mode strange behavior

Hi all.
I am not sure if this is a bug in emacspeak, if am doing something wrong
or if this works as designed.

To reproduce try the following steps:

1. Visit a new empty file with the .txt extension.

2. Press M-x, type flyspell-mode and press RET

3. Type the following text, without the quotations.
"This is a testt to check."

Observe that the word testt is typed incorrectly.

4. Now go to begin of the buffer and navigate using right arrow
until you find the word testt.

In my machine, when the point reachs the word testt, emacspeak reads the
word check.

Am I doing something wrong?
José Vilmar, Telefones: 21 2555-2650 e 21 98868-0859, Skype: jvilmar

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