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Emacspeak-wizards-braille: Possibility of not being a toy any longer

Hi all. I've begun work on extending Emacspeak's Braille output wizard.
Using this, hopefully one day, one will be able to generate a good bit
of Braille material, all Unicode of course--I refuse to use ASCII
Braille mess. My first challenge to myself is to make all symbols in the
UEB Grade one table work with Braille. Hopefully I can add Emoji support
as well, although that will be later. I also plan to, after finishing
Grade one, add contractions to the mix, although this will probably mean
that there will be no Grade One output. The Braille will, then, be in
UEB, the Unified English Braille standard. Is this acceptable to you
all? I’ve already added some symbols, like ~, ‘, ’, ", ;, (, ), and :.
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