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Emacspeak filename path bug in emacspeak-epub

Hi Raman,

I've found a bug in the handling of filenames in emacspeak_epub. Basic
issue is with filenames that contain spaces or characters like ( and ).

I found this when I tried to use the emacspeak-epub-open-with-nov

In that function, you get the value for the epub using

(epub (get-text-property (point) 'epub)

this returns an escaped version of the path to the epub file e.g.

"/home/tim/Documents/Calibre/Jeremy\\ Thomas/bulma\\ \\(2769\\)/"

later in the function, you use a cl-assert to verify the file exists
with a call to exists-p. Unfortunately, it seems exist-p does not handle
this escaped version of the path, causing the assert to fail, which in
turn causes problems as it causes the minibuffer exit hook to fail and
you have to move to a different buffer to kill things.

I found that exiss-p returns true for a unescaped version of the path
i.e. no backslash escapes, so I expect what we need to do is remove the
backslashes from the path.



Tim Cross

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