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Emacspeak EWW and NLS-Bard.


I trust I am not the only EWW user that downloads books from NLS-Bard.
I have been searching for books I want to download, on the Talking
Book Topics pages.  This has worked well for several years.  That is
until I tried the Nov.-Dec and Jan.-Feb 2020 issues.  For example, I
tried to download:

DB93320 14 hours 13 minutes

All I got was the atttached file.  The same thing happened with the
books in the last TBT in 2019.  I can still download books from the
older TBT pages.  What's changed?

For what it's worth, I'm using Debian 3.16.76-1 (2019-11-12) x86_64,
with Emacs 24.4.1.


Attachment: DB93320
Description: Binary data

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