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Bug: Emacspeak and macOS speech server failure

Speech is no longer working on macOS for emacspeak. This appears to be
due to changes introduced in commit 4423c98e4a22d3 with the log message
"switched to single caps setting, refactored". After this commit, no
speech is produced.

Looking at the changes introduced in this commit, I notice it includes
an update to tts-lib.tcl and looks like the API between emacspeak and
the speech server has changed. As the mac speech server is written in
python and that server does not appear to have been updated, I suspect
this is the cause of the issue. However, I'm not a python person, so
have not dug into the details. The specific API change appears to be in
the tts_sync_state procedure in tts-lib.tcl. Guessing that updating the
mac speech server has been overlooked and will need to be done before
emacspeak will again work under macOS.

For anyone running under macOS, you will need to revert Emacspeak to
commit 0541f46454ffff in order to get speech working again until there
is an update for the mac speech server. To be really certain, revert to
tag 53.0, which should coincide with the last official emacspeak

Good news is that I just updated to the latest macOS Big Sur and apart
from this issue, it appears to work OK. There will likely be some small
bugs or issues, which is normal for new macOS versions. Likely best to
wait until a couple of revisions have come out if you want to be really


Tim Cross

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