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mailing list issues

Hi Folks,

I know things are messed up with the emaspeak mailing list server and web archive.  I am actively working on short term fixes for the list server.  The archive will not be fixed before we find it a new home.

A few Details:
I have been on the phone with the current Sys Admin at the Vassar Computer Science Department.  When I was the Sys Admin for the department we ran our own mail separate from the campus mail and that allowed me to do things like the emacpeak list.  The Computer Science Department no longer does its own mail. They have kept the server running for alias forwarding and for the emacspeak list for the last few years.  

In 2015 Vassar put is a strict policy of no off campus access for anyone not currently employed or enrolled. So at that time, with many apologies from people in the department, I lost access to the system.  Shortly after that time I began several years of medical craziness and as a result was not clear headed enough to deal with the list the way it needed.

Much of that is behind me now and I intend to get things cleaned up for the emacspeak list and archive.

In the immediate short term: It is my hope that working with the current admin I can get the existing list functioning properly - there have been some issues with subscriptions and with letting me remove names of no longer active users.  These are the two most pressing issues.

After that the next issue will be to figure out what is next for the list in terms of both location and software.  I do not want to start that discussion until the short term issues are dealt with for two reasons 1 - personal bandwidth, 2 - I want the list fixed before we start such a discussion.

Lastly, we will get a web accessible archive of past posting set up again.  But it does not make sense to do that before the list itself is functioning properly.

There you have it. I'm sorry I have been so minimally involved the last few years.  I hope to be more active going forward. If I cannot be, then I will hand this off to someone who can be. For now I want to try and fix my own mess.

Thank you and please stay safe,

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