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eMail with emacs / emacspeak

Hello - here comes a broken recording - remember the days of
phonograph records that when they had a defect would repeat, and
repeat, and ... you get the idea.

I have had an ugly experience in the past when I configured either
alpine (pine) or mutt to use *unix's regular mail system.  I lost much
mail that I left stored on gmail's IMAP server.

I can use either alpine or mutt on console, or terminal.  It works fine.

But If I try M-x shell or M-x shell-command and then try entering mutt
or alpine, it doesn't work fully, it only goes part way and stalls.

I think there might be a need for a very simple gmail lisp application
- perhaps with the newer type of authentication or a method around
this authentication - that google / gmail requires.

I'd love to get my mail inside emacs / emacspeak.

I don't know enough - not even by a far shot - of doing this myself,
so I am dependent on the generosity of others.

I know that many of the emacspeak users work in programming, so
configuring emacs to work for them might be easy, but not so for some
of the other faithful users of emacspeak.

Just a thought and request.


David J. Ring, Jr., N1EA

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