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voice-region personality not removed correctly

For some reason, it seems like the voice-region personality doesn't get removed the right way. Here is a way to reproduce this:
1. Open a buffer
2. Type, "This is a test"
3. Select this line and kill it by doing C-a C-@ C-e C-e C-w
4. Yank it by doing C-y, and then delete the "is" in "this", and type them again
5. Read the line by C-e l and you should hear, "th is is a test"
This doesn't happen when you kill the line using C-S-backspace, though, only when you activate the mark.
I've verified that when this happens, the new characters I just typed don't have the voice-region personality, but the existing text does, even though `mark-active` is nil.
Hope this helps, and let me know if I need to provide any more info.

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