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Spell checking

Hello all,
I am try to figure out how to use spell checking with Emacspeak and I have the following
 Problem. I cannot access the place where the possible corrections are shown. When using just ispell I go to a incorrectly spelled word and use the command M-x ispell-word which gives some options followed by a number as a key. This works fine when you press the respective number the corresponding word replaces the wrong word. The problem is that I do not know how to access this list and go character by character to listen to the spelling of each word which is a problem with words that sound the same. Second, when I am using Flyspell I just hear ones the list of the words and then without asking memoir  any interaction it chooses one word automatically. 
Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Do I miss something very obvious here? Is any better way of performing spellcheck in my documents?
Thanks in advance!

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