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Contributing To emacspeak

Hi Daniel,

Here are some answers to your questions re contributing to Emacspeak ---
perhaps via documentation.

I'm copying the emacspeak list; please join that list if you wish to go
ahead  with contributing.

Daniel Birket <danielb@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
1. Focus on content, not the specific markup dialect. So org-mode is
fine, you needn't write in texi if you're contributing new content.

2. Before jumping off to write new content, see what is there in the
info directory: roughly,

A: The emacspeak reference which consists of some early chapters to lay
down the groundwork for how Emacspeak is conceived -- followed by a
detailed reference which is auto-generated (file docs.texi)

B: The "Introduction To Emacspeak" by Gary Murphy --- he wrote it in org

C: The emacspeak turning twenty document, written in org and converted
to texi for inclusion in the manual.

Re markup questions:

@mdash exists to make typesetting consistent, I found that I couldn't
always remember whether I used spaces around the "---" or not, so
created a macro.
Re conventions for ctrl vs "C-a" I started initially with ctrl, but
later went with  the Emacs notation.

Hope this is useful.

In addition to the above docs, also take  a look through the articles on


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