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[Emacspeak] Re: Native comp errors

All of these are problems with the default native compiler setup and not
in the emacspeak codebase; for the record I have not had to make a
single code change in emacspeak to as a result of native compile

The reason for those warnings is long and complex, but the short summary
is that native compilation attempts to lazy-compile files in isolation,
ie without any awareness of dependencies as does make.

See the script native in the git repo to understand how to
native-compile emacspeak ---  this gets around these issues.


1. You dont notice any speed difference in emacspeak with native
   compile; you might well see performance improvements across all of
   emacs in terms of visual updates.

   2. I believe there are still bugs in the cacheing strategy used by
      native compile which means is both keeps multiple cached copies
      around and also native compiles more often than necessary.

      For those and other general confusion I've actually stopped using
      native compilation since  all it buys is  annoyance for zero
      benefit at present.

      Am sure these will all iron themselves out in the next 18 months.



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