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[Emacspeak] Re: Native comp errors

Thanks Raman. After posting, I did a little digging as well and came up
with similar conclusions.

"T.V Raman via Emacspeak" <emacspeak(a)emacspeak.org> writes:

> All of these are problems with the default native compiler setup and not
> in the emacspeak codebase; for the record I have not had to make a
> single code change in emacspeak to as a result of native compile
> warnings.
> The reason for those warnings is long and complex, but the short summary
> is that native compilation attempts to lazy-compile files in isolation,
> ie without any awareness of dependencies as does make.
> See the script native in the git repo to understand how to
> native-compile emacspeak ---  this gets around these issues.
> Finally:
> 1. You dont notice any speed difference in emacspeak with native
>    compile; you might well see performance improvements across all of
>    emacs in terms of visual updates.
>    2. I believe there are still bugs in the cacheing strategy used by
>       native compile which means is both keeps multiple cached copies
>       around and also native compiles more often than necessary.
>       For those and other general confusion I've actually stopped using
>       native compilation since  all it buys is  annoyance for zero
>       benefit at present.
>       Am sure these will all iron themselves out in the next 18 months.

Tim Cross

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