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[Emacspeak] Re: What speech servers is everyone using

I'm using Outloud, on an Intel Chromebook though.

On Mon, Nov 29, 2021 at 4:18 AM Isaac Leonard via Emacspeak <emacspeak@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've recently just started to set up emacspeak on a raspberry pi and
currently have it working well with espeak.
I'm not a fan of how low quality and robotic espeak sounds and I can't
find a way to easily change voices with it.
I've investigated the options for outloud but they all seem to be dead,
lack documentation or require payment.
I normally use emacspeak on my mac with the mac speech server but its
only availible on macos so not usible on the pi.
What other options are people using or if you're using one of the above
mentioned ones how did you make it work?

Best regards Isaac
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