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[Emacspeak] Re: What speech servers is everyone using

I am using Oralux Vocalizer in Debian and SLINT (Slackware
International and for the visually impaired).
I had both working in console and MATE Graphical User Interface, but
currently only the graphical user interface works for emacspeak.
I must have changed my configuration.

My current .emacs file has:

(setenv "DTK_PROGRAM" "outloud")

I know that works for IBM TTS Voxin but I don't know what to call the
Vocalizer language, which is probably why emacspeak fails to load the
speech server.
To see if I could get the Zoe Vocalizer voice in console emacs, I
removed the IBM TTS on my system.

I still have Zoe ML High in my console though but not "inside" with
emacspeak - only the screen reader has Zoe ML High vocalizer, I don't
know how to configure emacs to tell emacs to use the vocalizer
speech server, if there indeed is one.  At any rate, it will and does
work with IBM TTS when I install IBM TTS on my system.

Here are the current prices for Voxin.

Voxin + IBM TTS  4.19 EUR0
Voxin + Vocalizer Embedded, Compact 22.10 EUR
Voxin + Vocalizer Embedded, Pro 26 EUR
Voxin + Vocalizer Embedded, High 29.91 EUR

I bought the Voxin IBM TTS 20 years ago, so you can see that it was
quite a bargain.

I found that getting IBM TTS working in console emacs is much easier
than getting Vocalizer Embedded working in console emacs.

I sent a similar message moments ago but with a recording of the ZOE
Vocalizer but the mailman program rejected it, but I sent it directly
to Isaac, so here's the message without the attachment.

Best wishes,


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