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[Emacspeak] Re: auditory icon themes not working on m1 mac

Sorry for all the emails! Here is an update on my issue that might 
give more information.

the default value of emacspeak-auditory-icon-function is 
emacspeak-serve-auditory-icon  on my system. When I change this 
value to emacspeak-play-auditory-icon, all my themes and icons 
work fine.

So I think my issue is either in emacspeak-serve-auditory-icon or 
in something it interacts with.

I'm not able to track the issue down further than this but maybe 
someone on here might point me in the right direction.

Thank you

Jimmy B <jimmy(a)bryden.im> writes:

> Hi all,
> First time posting on the mailing list. Please let me know if 
> I'm
> doing something wrong :) 
> I recently installed emacs/emacspeak on my m1 macbook air using 
> the
> method outlined below: 
> brew tap d12frosted/emacs-plus
> brew install emacs-plus(a)28 --with-no-titlebar
> then unpacked the latest emacspeak tar.bz2 from the website and 
> ran
> make config
> make 
> Then added to init.el (load-file
> "~/.emacs.d/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el")
> (load-file "~/.emacs.d/emacspeak/lisp/mac-voices.el")
> (dtk-set-rate 500 t)
> (setq emacspeak-play-program "/opt/homebrew/bin/play") ;;was 
> nill
> without this being set manually 
> This setup allows me to use the function 
> emacspeak-play-auditory-icon
> to hear the icons. but whenever I do 
> emacspeak-sounds-select-theme and
> enter pan-chimes theme's folder this doesn't make the theme work 
> as
> expected. No errors just nothing. 
> can anybody let me know what I'm doing wrong. I suspect that I'm
> loading the themes in wrong somehow or  I haven't got something 
> set that I need to. But I can't figure it out. 
> Best
> Jimmy

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