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[Emacspeak] Re: List Administration: List changes


Thanks for tracking down and fixing the DKIM issue! 

How would you know if you were affected? Well, you may have noticed occasional replies to list messages where you did not receive the message that was being replied to.  This would often happen with messages from raman@xxxxxxxxxxx. If this happened to you in the past, please let us know if you notice it happening going forward.

Thanks again Tim,


On Fri, May 14, 2021 at 2:41 AM Tim Cross via Emacspeak <emacspeak@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear All,

as flagged earlier this week, I have made some changes to the
configuration of the emacspeak mail list. This change has been done to
reduce the likelihood of messages being blocked by mail servers because
of failed DKIM header checks.

The messages on the list will now have a from line of
<emacspeak@xxxxxxxxxxx>. The 'text' of the from address will include
the name of the sender e.g.

 From Tim Cross via emacspeak list <emacspeak@xxxxxxxxxxx>.

This does not affect what happens when you reply to a message from the
list. If you reply to sender, it will still go to the sender of the
message. If you reply to all it will go to the sender and the list and
if you just reply to the list, it will go to the list. This is the same
as the previous behaviour.

Where this change might impact some people is with their mail filters. While
most filtering should be based on the List-Id header, it is possible
things may not work the same if you use some other header. This is
unlikely and I did not observe any problems in my testing, but I mention
it just in case.

If you should encounter any problems, please let me know.


Tim Cross
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