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[Emacspeak] Re: List Administration: List changes


I'll add my thanks to Tim C for sorting this problem out.  Based on DMARC
reports my server has received, I think you might have missed out on
receiving list messages if you subscribed with an email address at any of
the following domains:
* aol.com
* yahoo.com
* wp.pl
In addition, I'm not certain about this, but I think you might find list
messages in your Junk folder if your email address is at fastmail.com or

All the best,

Tim M

P.S.  Apologies if you received this email already; I initially sent it from
an email address that wasn't subscribed to the list, so the first copy is
probably stuck in a moderation queue.

On Fri, 2021-05-14 at 15:04 -0700, Greg Priest-Dorman via Emacspeak wrote:
> Tim,
> Thanks for tracking down and fixing the DKIM issue! 
> How would you know if you were affected? Well, you may have noticed
> occasional replies to list messages where you did not receive the message
> that was being replied to.  This would often happen with messages from 
> raman(a)google.com. If this happened to you in the past, please let us know
> if you notice it happening going forward.
> Thanks again Tim,
> Greg
> On Fri, May 14, 2021 at 2:41 AM Tim Cross via Emacspeak <
> emacspeak(a)emacspeak.org> wrote:
> > Dear All,
> > 
> > as flagged earlier this week, I have made some changes to the
> > configuration of the emacspeak mail list. This change has been done to
> > reduce the likelihood of messages being blocked by mail servers because
> > of failed DKIM header checks.
> > 
> > The messages on the list will now have a from line of
> > <emacspeak(a)emacspeak.org>. The 'text' of the from address will include
> > the name of the sender e.g.
> > 
> >  From Tim Cross via emacspeak list <emacspeak(a)emacspeak.org>. 
> > 
> > This does not affect what happens when you reply to a message from the
> > list. If you reply to sender, it will still go to the sender of the
> > message. If you reply to all it will go to the sender and the list and
> > if you just reply to the list, it will go to the list. This is the same
> > as the previous behaviour.
> > 
> > Where this change might impact some people is with their mail filters.
> > While
> > most filtering should be based on the List-Id header, it is possible
> > things may not work the same if you use some other header. This is
> > unlikely and I did not observe any problems in my testing, but I mention
> > it just in case.
> > 
> > If you should encounter any problems, please let me know.
> > 
> > regards,
> > 
> > Tim
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