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[Emacspeak] Re: Patch to enable Vertico support

"T.V Raman via Emacspeak" <emacspeak(a)emacspeak.org> writes:
Hi Chris, Nicely done -- thanks for a clean patch that stuck to all of
Emacspeak's coding conventions.

I've checked your code in, but would like to request a couple of

All of emacspeak is written using the original defadvice from package
advice.el -- please convert your code to that  pattern.

I've not switched emacspeak over to nadvice because some of the things
emacspeak does are difficult to  do with nadvice --- also it would be a
very large change that if ever done will have to be done
automatically. So for now, it's important to not have a mixture of the
two types of advice in the code base.

2. Also, when you write code, please make to sure fix all byte-compiler
   warnings, I fixed a couple by adding appropriate cl-declare
   statements. Incidentally doing that over the years made porting
   Emacspeak to lexical scoping a breeze, so it's something I require
   across the codebase.

   I've not yet used vertico yet,  but your code has no issues other
   than the above.

   I've pushed it to Github --
> Krzysztof Drewniak via Emacspeak <emacspeak(a)emacspeak.org> writes:
> I t could live in either place -- in general I've kept the
> speech-related extensions on the emacspeak side since it's easier to
> maintain in general (purely from experience)
> I'll take a look at your patch   -- thank you for the contribution.
>> Hi all,
>> I've recently started looking into Emacspeak and screen readers in
>> general, and so put together a patch that speech-enables Vertico, which
>> is the completion UI my "fork this Emacs config to get sensible
>> defaults" provider currently uses.
>> I wasn't sure if I should submit here or to Vertico's developer, but it
>> seems that, in general, the speech-related code seems to live in Emacspeak.
>> The patch is attached.
>> Yours,



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