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Help : links webbrowser + emacspeak

What version of emacspeak?
Are you running under X or console mode?

Your setup sounds a bit strange. On my system C-c C-j puts you into
line mode within lynx and C-c C-k puts you into character mode, which
will enable the space bar to work to move to next page.

With w3m, on my system the arrow keys do move you down to the next
line. The tab key moves you to the next link. Try using C-h k to find
out what is bound to the tab and the arrow keys (I'm assuming you are
using the w3m.el package for w3m?)


>>>>> "Nath" == Nath  <nath.ml@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

 Nath> Hello, i'm searching for a mean to be able to read text using
 Nath> up and down arrow keys in emacspeak + links webbrowser.  I
 Nath> launch links using the M-x emacspeak-links command and after
 Nath> when the webpage is displayed I discover that if I do a C-c C-j
 Nath> I switch to terminal line mode and after that can use the up
 Nath> and down arrows to read the text but after that I don't find a
 Nath> solution to switch to terminal caracter mode in order to be
 Nath> able to press the space bar to tell links to display the next
 Nath> things.  I tried the M-x term-char-mode but encounter a problem
 Nath> : the caracter are not displayed correctly and sometimes it
 Nath> brings me in a search window or something like that. so this
 Nath> method is a wrong one but I didn't find the good one browsing
 Nath> the emacs manual.  So if you have an idea please let me know !
 Nath> Or perhaps the method I tried to use is not the right one,
 Nath> perhaps we might not switch to term line mode to obtain the
 Nath> research behaviour ?  I ask me a question : how is it possible
 Nath> using w3m with emacspeak to be able to read text using up and
 Nath> down arrows ? because when you launch w3m in a normal console
 Nath> the behaviour is not the same, the arrow keys permit only to
 Nath> skip link by link ...  thx in advance for all your advices,

 Nath> -- Nath

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