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Reading the Mode Line

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Minor mode information such as auto-fill, RCS etc are available on C-e
Turn on line-number-mode and/or column-number-mode to hear the
line/column number in the mode line.>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Holmes <steve@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Steve> I realize that one can press c-e m to heare the mode you
    Steve> are currently in but I don't think gives all the possible
    Steve> information.  Case in point: Go into a text file
    Steve> (text-mode) and review the mode with the above command.
    Steve> Then turn auto-fill-mode and review it again.  When I do
    Steve> it, I notice no change in spoken output.  If I use a full
    Steve> screen reader such as speakup to review the mode line, I
    Steve> can heare the word 'fill' included.  Is there any way to
    Steve> get emacspeak to offer more information? Also, is there a
    Steve> way to heare column and line number at the same time when
    Steve> reviewing the mode?  As I see it right now, I would have to
    Steve> use three different keystrokes to get all this
    Steve> information. Any ideas?

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