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Flite Still No Good Here!

Well, I replaced the memory in my box and now have 256 megs working
and I still get that God Damn internal error! I went a lot further but
Now I crash on cmu_us_kal16_diphone.c in the cmu_us_kal16 directory.
What's up with this?  Certainly, 256 meg ot to be enough.  Oh and I
checked and the CPU fan is going ok and the machine does not appear to
be hot.  Again, Flite is the *ONLY* program I've ever had trouble with
in compiling.  I notice this cmu_us_kal16_diphone.c module is 21+
meg.  My God, that's a bit big for a single module, isn't it?

Sorry for the bitching here but DECtalk seems to be quite unstable on
my laptop and I would really like to get some kind of software speech
going on it.  Increasing the memory seemed to get me past my previous
herdle but...

Any other ideas out there?

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