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Re: Emacspeak, gnus and bbdb.


>>>>> "TVR" == T V Raman <tvraman@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

TVR> In module emacspeak-gnus.el look for function (defun
TVR> emacspeak-gnus-setup-keys ()

TVR> and within that function comment out these two lines:

TVR> <comment> (when (boundp 'gnus-article-mode-map)
TVR>     (emacspeak-keymap-remove-emacspeak-edit-commands
TVR> gnus-article-mode-map)) </comment>

I did that and it produced "buffer is read only message".

Playing with bbdb configuration also produced nothing.

TVR> there may be some bizarre interaction between the keymaps that is
TVR> causing your problem. Note however that the problem is not
TVR> emacspeak, because if the keymaps get set up in the right order
TVR> the above code works correctly.

May i repeat that with emacspeak 15 there is no such problem at all.
Since i am not a programmer i am not trace all the differences in the
code for this and later versions but i'll try to do that.

With best wishes,


>>>>> "Sergei" == Sergei Fleytin <fleytin@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Sergei> Hello Tim and others.
>>>>> "TC" == Tim Cross <tcross@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

TC> Actually, I've observed the same thing. However, I don't think
TC> bbdb has anything to do with it and I've not tried without
TC> emacspeak running. I noticed this behavior after upgrading to gnus
TC> 5.10.6 I did not observe this behavior with the version of gnus
TC> which coems with emacs 21.3.

Sergei> I tried emacs 21.3 with the same results. When bbdb is not
Sergei> loaded for gnus everything works in usual fashion.

Sergei> By the way, i just tried running emacs with yasr enabling bbdb
Sergei> support for gnus and everything worked well. So i still think
Sergei> that the problem is in emacspeak.

Sergei> With best regards,

Sergei> Sergei.

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