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what is the best way to read webpages presented with html tables ?

Hello all,

since a long time I search for the best way to read webpage as they are
presented with html tables. I browse the apropos emacspeak-table
documentation but I don't understand very well how to use these
facilities to read such pages and ask me if emacspeak-table-mode is the
right thing to use in such circonstances. to let you understand better
what I want to do, here is an example of a such page at the following
url : http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS7922335057.html
In this page there is an article about fonix DECtalk 5.0 in the center
of the page. so what will you do to read this article and not the things
which are on the left and right sides of the page ? 
Oh I forgot to mention that my webbrowser is w3m and I use emacspeak
Thx in advance for all your advices & best regards,


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