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Emacspeak spelling out punctuation on a Accent Sa.

Hi All.
I am using Emacspeak 17, Emacs 21.3 and Debain Sarge.  Emacs speak has been
configured to work with the Accent Sa.  In fact I am using a Artic Transport
Everytime I navigate by character using the left and right arrow keys, the
all puctuation is spelled, not spoken.  I have done the following:
1.  Set punctuation to none by using c-e d p.
2.  Turned off keyboard echo by using c-e d k.
But neither assisted with the problem.  It is driving me mad and I  cannot
solve it.
The second problem is that I cannot run ViaVoice.  I can run "outloudserver"
anywhere on my machine and it speaks.  I have used the configuration tool
that comes with Emacspeak to change it to ViaVoice and it didn't work.  I
have even tryed to change the server within Emacspeak itself with no luck.
What am I doing wrong??
Please help a newby Emac and Emacspeak user