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seg fault in eflite


I am trying to get emacspeak up and running on my SuSE 9.0 box and seeing 
consistent and reproducible segmentation faults in eflite.  I am using 
flite 1.2-releease and eflite 0.38 and emacspeak 19.0.  The segfaults seem 
to be related to interrupting speaking - in particular, if you execute 
emacspeak-speak-buffer on the doc/alice file in the flite distribution, 
then interrupt it by typing C-a or C-n AND land on a blank line then eflite 
segfaults.  Emacspeak tries to recover from this situation by restarting 
eflite, but after doing that three or four times it can't open /dev/dsp 
anymore and it lapses into silence.

Any thoughts?



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