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Re: what is the best way to read webpages presented with htmltables ?

Jason White <jasonw@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> a better way is to use the XSLT style sheets supplied with Emacspeak,
> which can be applied automatically to a Web page before it reaches the
> browser. Several of the style sheets are specifically designed to
> handle tables.
Ok. I tried to apply your advice ; so I tried to use the functions
emacspeak-w3-xslt-select and emacspeak-w3-xsl-toggle but it doesn't work
for me here. so i browsed the list archive and find this message :
the important part of this message follows :

Yvonne thomson said :
"All I do is use the xslt stuff that I'd use in w3. What I've done is
create my own hotkeys in w3m one for turning async mode on and off,
since xslt stylesheets don't work with async mode on. One for the
stylesheet toggle and one for the select stylesheet option. The only
inconvenient thing is that you have to load w3 first, then w3m, but
other than that it works fine."

But could someone give me more precisons about this explanation ? My
questions : How to create personnal hotkeys ? what is async mode in w3m
and how to turn it on and off ? 
yvonne said also that we must load w3 before loading w3m to have the
table linearization to work but ddoes it mean that I must physically
load w3 in a buffer or can I just add a line in my .emacs file in order
to have the w3 code loaded ?

Thx in advance for all your explanations and advices on how to pproceed
to do what Yvonne explains and excuse for my newbie questions,

Best regards,


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