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progress update

Hi folks,
  After getting the tcl libraries sym-linked to the so.0 files, the original speech server seems to be working fine. However, as some on this list have reported, it will only speak a word or two when run in Emacspeak. When I investigated this, I found Nath's posting regarding the pause function. As such, I added the following the the beginning of the pause function:

static int nb = 0;
nb = 1;
return TCL_OK;
  Everything else has been left the same. When I type make at the bash command line, GCC complains that there are some missing " termination symbols along with some syntax errors in the init and termination functions. Would I be better off finding an older version of GCC such as 2.9X?
Thanks again for the help I've received on this list. I'm almost there!

Stephen Clower, that guy from the south.
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