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Re: DECtalk 5.0

Sorry, to forget the changes; there are included at the end of this post.
Just to notice that the unexpected silences inside sentences happen if the
character echo is enabled.

I tried to buy DECtalk 5.0 a few days ago, but received 4.61.
The Fonix website is updated now.
However, the persons who recently received 4.61 could be interested to ask
for 5.0.


1. In tcldtk.c, function Tcldtk_Init

The following lines have been removed, at the beginning of the function:

  unsigned int  devNo = 0;
  DWORD devOptions = 0;
  devOptions |= WAVE_OPEN_SHAREABLE;
  devOptions |=WAVE_FORMAT_1S16;

and replaced by these lines:

  unsigned int devNo = WAVE_MAPPER;

2. In dtk-soft, proc clean

This function is returned as soon as possible:
around line 245:

    return $element

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