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Re: DECtalk 5.0

I'll test and integrate the first change which looks benign, but I
wont change the clean proc in dtk-soft --- instead the strings that
produce noise should be reported to the fonix folks for fixing.

I hardly use the software dectalk so I'll leave it to folks who use it
more to debug this.>>>>> "gcasse" == gcasse  <gcasse@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    gcasse> Sorry, to forget the changes; there are included at the
    gcasse> end of this post.  Just to notice that the unexpected
    gcasse> silences inside sentences happen if the character echo is
    gcasse> enabled.

    gcasse> I tried to buy DECtalk 5.0 a few days ago, but received
    gcasse> 4.61.  The Fonix website is updated now.  However, the
    gcasse> persons who recently received 4.61 could be interested to
    gcasse> ask for 5.0.

    gcasse> Gilles

    gcasse> 1. In tcldtk.c, function Tcldtk_Init

    gcasse> The following lines have been removed, at the beginning of
    gcasse> the function:

    gcasse>   unsigned int devNo = 0; DWORD devOptions = 0; devOptions
    gcasse> |= WAVE_OPEN_SHAREABLE; devOptions |=WAVE_FORMAT_1S16;

    gcasse> and replaced by these lines:

    gcasse>   unsigned int devNo = WAVE_MAPPER; DWORD devOptions =
    gcasse> OWN_AUDIO_DEVICE;

    gcasse> 2. In dtk-soft, proc clean

    gcasse> This function is returned as soon as possible: around line
    gcasse> 245:

    gcasse>     return $element

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