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Re: Puzzled by Permissions

OK.  I tried that.  Now esdpaly and flite are both working, producing
sound for a normal user, but when I invoke emacspeak, it starts up and
gives me a "Process speaker not running." message.  That puts me a step
closer, but still not quite there.  Why would flite work, but not
emacspeak?  I'm using a software synthesizer, flite in this

-- Hugh Esco 

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004 22:00:49 +0200 Nath <nath.ml@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hesco@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > Nath:  
> >
> > Thanks for the idea.  There is no indication of anything "esd"
> > showing up in a ps aux output.  
> >
> > -- Hugh 
> >
> Ok, I thought esd was running because you told us that you used
> esdplay to play sound !
> So another idea : after adding the user to the audio group have you
> logout and reloging the user ?
> -- 
> Nath

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