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Re: Puzzled by Permissions

On Tue, 13 Apr 2004, Hugh Esco wrote:

> OK.  I tried that.  Now esdpaly and flite are both working, producing
> sound for a normal user, but when I invoke emacspeak, it starts up and
> gives me a "Process speaker not running." message.  That puts me a step
> closer, but still not quite there.  Why would flite work, but not
> emacspeak?

Have you tried running the speech server from the shell? Does it give an
error message? Somewhere in the Emacspeak documentation it is suggested
that you test out the speech server before running Emacspeak. If the
speech server works, and the Emacspeak environment variables are set
properly, and Emacspeak is installed, then it will run.

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