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Cepstral theta server for emacspeak.

Well, its taken me ages to get around to packaging this up with some
installation notes and making it available, but now its done!

For anyone who is interested, I've put together a very alpha speech
server for emacspeak and Cepstral's theta TTS. The server uses SSML
and I've tried to integrate it into emacspeak in the same way as other
emacspeak servers. that is, an extension library to Tcl to provide the
interface to the theta TTS, a "theta" Tcl script which uses it and an
ssml-voices.el file. 

Note that the installation might be a bit tricky. I had to make some
minor modifications to some emacspeak lisp files. In particular, I had
to modify the *-voices.el files so that when you switch from the theta
server to one of the other servers, the default voice setting is
correctly maintained. I also had to modify the dtk-speak.el file to
add some additional functions to support matched tags (SSML tags) and
add to the functions which handle switching synths via C-e d d. 

The extent to which the installation will work correctly may depend
heavily on the version of emacspeak you have installed. It has to be
at least version 19. The extent to which it will work with a CVS
version depends on how much the CVS version has changed.

I've included an install.sh script to install my files. It makes a
backup of any files from the standard distribution which are
modified. However, I would suggest copying your whole source tree as a
backup first.

If the install does not work because your CVS version is too
different, then you will have to do diffs between my files and the
emacspeak ones and make the necessary changes by hand. Not for the
weak harted.

Anyway, if your still interested in checking it out, go to


There you will find a web page - its a bit long, but I didn't have
time to make it shorter :-) On that page, near the bottom half, you
will find a link which you can click on to download the compressed tar

One of the reasons its taken me so long to get this done is because I
recently took on a new job and I have very little spare time at
present. So, if you find errors, bugs and other problems, please let
me know. However, don't expect a quick fix. 

Any feedback, criticisms or suggestions are always welcome.


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