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server operation problems

I got runcmdlinespeak to get ViaVoice speaking on my sound card.  I did
the make in the linux-outloud directory then export DTK_PROGRAM=outloud
then I try starting up emacspeak and get process speaker not running.  So
I back up and try tcl servers/linux-outloud/outloud and find out that's
missing.  I try tcl servers/outloud and get a tclesi error.  Both the rtk
and sdk packages were installed with no complaints with ViaVoice.  So I
give up on ViaVoice on RedHat 8 and figure export DTK_PROGRAM=doubletalk
and export DTK_PORT=/dev/ttyS0 and tcl servers/doubletalk will get me up
and talking.  Wrong.  I got an stty input/output error and I think the
error line number was something like line 839.  The strange thing is, I
had all of this working on a previous installation of the same version of
RedHat.  Fortunately I can unpack mastering_oracle_sql as an html file or
I'd really be stuck now.  I wanted to throw the emacspeak daisy reader at
that bookshare.org title but so far no luck.

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