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Cepstral Speech Server for Emacspeak 20.

I have added an updated version of my Cepstral Theta speech server for
Emacspeak 20 to my web page. Its working for me, so should work
(though I rushed it a bit!). I've also included a patched version of
the tcldtk.c file for the software dectalk which will work with
version 5.0 of the dectalk software from fonix (though tis is not
installed by the install script). 

At this point, the Cepstral server seems a bit more stable than the
dectalk 5.0 one and I find it a bit easier to understand. However, the
dectalk is more feature rich (e.g. split caps support, tones, wider
range of voices and all/some/none punctuation support etc). The main
problem I'm finding with the dectalk server is that when there is no
speech, the cpu load goes up to 100%. Ironically, it drops down to
nearly nothing when it is speaking!). 

When I get time, I will attempt to track down problems with the
dectalk server (I've now got the manuals) and I'll try to improve
support for the cepstral server. 

The url for the tar file is


There are two links - one for the 19.x version of emacspeak and one
for the new version 20. I recommend going with the one for emacspeak
20 (What, you haven't upgraded yet?)

As usual, any problems, let me know.


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