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Re: emacspeak-festival-mbrola (efm) speech rate


The two following changes helped me to select the predefined rates (e.g. for keystroke C-e d 4). 
C-e d r is not concerned.

As EFM was already built, I modified the two files in directory /usr/local/share/efm/emacspeak-18.0/lisp/, then typed: make; make install



* In file fst-interp.el, function fst-interp-queue-set-rate is changed (last line):

(format "(Parameter.set 'Duration_Stretch %s)\n" (+ 1.87 (* rate -0.00382)))))

instead of:

(format "(Parameter.set 'Duration_Stretch %s)\n" rate)))

* In file emacspeak-setup.el, 200 instead of 0.6

(defcustom festival-default-speech-rate 200

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