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Off-topic: DECTALK Express question

Hi Jason,

I think one of the main diesign flaws of the DECTalk Express was its
power systems. According to a few people I've talked to, this is
nearly always the area people get faults with it. 

The power supply I got with my Dectalk never worked at all! I ended up
getting a multi-purpose power supply which can be switched to various
DC output voltages, including 9 and 12 volts. I'll have to check to
see if its regulated, but suspect it is since it will handle multiple
voltages. It also came with multiple adaptor plugs, which was handy as
from memory, I don't think the Dectalk power plug is very common. 

I only use the Dectalk at work and so will need to verify its specs on
Monday. I also can't remember if its the one I got from Dick Smith or
via mail order - I cna't remember the name of the place just now. 

I've been using this power supply with my dectalk for the past 7 years
with no problems apart from some minor hicups when the battery finally
died. As I never use my dectalk via battery power, I just bypassed the
batter circuts and everything has been fine since. 

I'll try to give you model/make and specs on monday.

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason White <jasonw@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

 Jason> Is there a mailing list or newsgroup on which I can ask
 Jason> questions about the DECTALK Express?

 Jason> In case anyone would like to answer me privately, I need to
 Jason> confirm the electrical power requirements of the DECTALK
 Jason> Express, as I am having problems with the existing electrical
 Jason> adapter (an unregulated adapter set to 9v). By contrast, the
 Jason> statement printed on the DECTALK Express says 12v, and the
 Jason> U.S. adapter originally supplied with it, which won't work
 Jason> under Australian conditions, says 12v regulated at 400-500 ma.

 Jason> So, I need to be sure that if I go hunting for a 12vdc 400-500
 Jason> ma regulated supply, it will work, and won't cause hardware
 Jason> damage.  Regulated power supplies used to be hard to find, but
 Jason> I am told they are no longer as rare as they once were.

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