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Off-topic: DECTALK Express question

Is there a mailing list or newsgroup on which I can ask questions
about the DECTALK Express?

In case anyone would like to answer me privately, I need to confirm
the electrical power requirements of the DECTALK Express, as I am
having problems with the existing electrical adapter (an unregulated
adapter set to 9v). By contrast, the statement printed on the DECTALK
Express says 12v, and the U.S. adapter originally supplied with it,
which won't work under Australian conditions, says 12v regulated at
400-500 ma.

So, I need to be sure that if I go hunting for a 12vdc 400-500 ma
regulated supply, it will work, and won't cause hardware damage.
Regulated power supplies used to be hard to find, but I am told they
are no longer as rare as they once were.

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