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bugs in emacspeak w3m form code

Yvonn --- emacspeak-w3m has been broken for a while, and whenever I've
tried it w3m for emacs appears to be consistently broken -- even when
building from their CVS repostiroy --- so I've given up on it for a
while now.

If those of you here who use it actively and find it useful want to
contribute patches to emacspeak-w3m I'll integrate them in --- but I
myself dont plan to maintain or update that module in the near future
>>>>> "Yvonne" == Yvonne Thomson <yvonne@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Yvonne> Hi Raman There are a couple of problems with the support
    Yvonne> for w3m in emacspeak and the later versions of
    Yvonne> emacspeak-w3m.

    Yvonne> I say later versions, but the changes that cause it to
    Yvonne> break seem to have happened somewhere between september
    Yvonne> and november last year according to the changelog I'm
    Yvonne> looking at.

    Yvonne> First, emacspeak-w3m-form-get no longer seems to work as
    Yvonne> is. Instead of using w3m-form-get it seems to need to use
    Yvonne> w3m-form-get-by-name.

    Yvonne> The other problem is with the speaking of the form
    Yvonne> fields. There's a new argument, id, which the emacspeak
    Yvonne> code doesn't know about. E.g.  (defun
    Yvonne> emacspeak-w3m-speak-form-input (form name type width
    Yvonne> maxlength value) Should read (defun
    Yvonne> emacspeak-w3m-speak-form-input (form id name type width
    Yvonne> maxlength value)

    Yvonne> This needs to happen to all the form input speaking code,
    Yvonne> as far as I can tell.

    Yvonne> I'd have submitted a patch, but I'm not quite sure how or
    Yvonne> even if to allow for both versions of w3m. I hope this is
    Yvonne> enough detail so it it won't be too hard to fix.

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