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Loosing Speech On Dectalk version 4.6 and Emacspeak


    I was wondering if someone could tell me if they have experienced loss of voice using Dectalk version 4.6 after about 30 minutes of usage? I got this version several months ago and have noticed that I loose all speech while in Emacspeak. I have to close out Emac using ctrl X/C and log back into Emacspeak. Sometimes I even have to go to a new window and log in as a new user, or forced to power down and reboot.
     I have now gotten the 5.0 version, which I was to have originally but given the older version, but listening to the discussions, I am wondering if 5.0 will even fix the problem.

    Has anyone have a fix for this or is it part of the broken Emacspeak you have been talking about?


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