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RE: Newbie questions about installing Emacspeak on Slackware 9.1

This worked great, with just a small modification:

>installpkg emacs-nox-21.3-i486-1.tgz

Same (21.3) version for slackware 9.1. Does not install by default but would
have, if I'd checked it in the original install under menu mode.

>cd /usr/bin

It's in /usr/bin for this Slackware.

>rm emacs

Yep, original link all gone now.

>ln -s emacs-21.3-no-x11 emacs

Yep, works.

>The version of emacs you are invoking has been compiled against
>some X11 libs.  The nox (No X) version avoids those libs, but
>still requires some support files from the emacs-21.3-i486-1.tgz
>package (like some lisp files).

Not explicitly stated in the Install How-to.  But sure seems right. Now
someone else can search the list archives and have an easier time than me.

Ah, those pesky links, bane of my Linux existence!

Thanks for your quick and clear reply.


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