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Re: Help needed with erc, please.

Hugh Esco <hesco@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> My friend Adam has joined a group which uses IRC for a monthly meeting. 
> His machine runs Debian testing and emacspeak 21.2.1, using flite.  I
> installed erc using apt-get.  But I keep getting "Symbol's value as
> variable is void: erc-sound-path" errors.  
> I tried installing the latest version of erc from the cvs tree, and for
> the last two days, I've been going back and forth between "Symbol's
> value as variable is void: erc-sound-path" error and the "Variable
> binding depth exceeds max-specpdl-size" error.  

`erc-sound-path' is defined in `erc-sound.el'.  So you probably want
to add (require 'erc-sound) to your .emacs.

Additionally, erc has a special erc->emacspeak module called
erc-speak.el.  If you want to use that, instead of the advices provided
by emacspeak itself, simply (require 'erc-speak) before you (require 'erc).


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