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problems with emacspeak installation on gentoo

Hello all.
I just installed gentoo and used "emerge to compile and install emacs-21 
emacspeak-20 and emacspeak-ss 1.9.1. Emacs by itself works fine, but with 
emacspeak and the doubletalk-lt speech synthesizer, I get
buffer *scratch* has no process
I am running emacspeak with the doubletalk-lt on /dev/ttyS1.
I do have the export lines in my /etc/profile both for the port and the 
synthesizer. If anybody can tell me what to do to try to fix this, I'd 
appreciate it. I also remember there's a way to trace this and if somebody 
will refresh me as to how to do this, I'll be glad to send the output.
Also, I'm wondering what happened to emacspeakconfig; I'm not sure when i 
realized I don't seem to have it any more; was it dropped?


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