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Getting Started

I'm wanting to enter the Linux/emacspeak world.  Have been reading of the evolution of this system for some time, but not being a programmer, have felt 
intimidated...  I went to archive site, searching on "getting started or tutorial".  I could bring up questions in the list but couldn't figure out what link to use for 
continuing with posts on the question, tried "thread" "index" and other stuff to no real avail and gave up...  Essentially, I feel like I'm in a bowl of speghetti with 
no since of direction as how to have a "here's how you get started" "steps 1,2,3".

Is there a book/tutorial/manual?  I went to the download site, and was confronted with files who's extensions I'm not familiar with, so didn't know what to 
download or guess how to open them?  From Main Menu on <acbradio.org> I understood I could download an "image" filept it on a CD, run a boot floppy with a 
"batch file" and have a speech enabled installation of the Operating System" but just can't seem to find the manual that says download this file, burn it to CD 
and do next...

W. Nick Dotson

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