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Re: Getting Started


  I am facing the same problem but I am a programmer.  Out of work programmer
but a programmer all the same.

  I am putting together a 'How to' for EmacSpeak along with the my other
projects.  If you get any responses to your posting, I would like to see them.
When I get something started, I will Email the URL to you.  My main support
will be on a Linux system but I do know a little about Windows ( don't have
one installed yet ).

  A few question.  What OS are you planning to use?  Are you sighted??  Who
are you doing this for??  Do you have any local help??  Are you going to use
a hardware or software sound device??

  There is help out there, just finding it is the problem.  Right now I am
having a problem compiling 'Flite'.  That is my wall for this project!

  I an working on about three projects at the same time.  When I hit a wall
on one of them, I work on another one while I think about the problem with
the other one.  I usually fix them over night ( background processing while
I try to sleep ).

  I will keep in touch.  Do the same.

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