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Emacspeak, DECTalk software, debian...

I am trying to get emacspeak working with DECTalk software on a debian 
sarge machine. I got the server to compile by editing the Makefile and 
changing one line of code (there are notes about that on the web if anyone 
else is having troubles with that, or you can ask me).

But when I start emacspeak, I get about a 10th of a second of speech then 
nothing. I hear the beginning of a word, it's so abbreviated I can't make 
out what it is, and then nothing.  The messages buffer doesn't show any 
errors. Although, it does talk about loading a theme.

Any ideas as to what might be the problem?

John G. Heim
University of Wisconsin - Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
1210 West Dayton St, #4297, Phone: 2-9887

To boldly code what no one has coded before.

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